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Special Events

Wedding? Fundraiser? Having a big get together with liquor? Let us help cover your risk. Whether your event is the wedding of a lifetime or a small artist’s booth at a trade fair, we can help with covering all of the exposures. Our package product for Special Events can cover GL, Property – even Liquor Liability in many cases! Why have your insureds put themselves at risk when they can have peace of mind for short money? Contact us online or by phone right now to see the options available to you.

Submission Requirements

  • Special Event application
  • 5-year Loss Runs if a recurring event or details on losses & current status
  • Any additional information or narratives about the account are always helpful


  • Minimum premium is usually $500
  • Various limits available
  • Coverages can include GL, Property, Liquor Liability, etc.
  • Broad definition of insured persons

Target Classes

  • Weddings
  • Trade shows or fairs that require separate insurance
  • Fundraisers
  • Private events or parties not covered by Homeowners policies