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Environmental & Pollution Liability

DeCotis’ specialized markets can provide coverage to your clients with environmental and pollution exposures.

Most businesses have some kind of Environmental exposure which may not be covered under a standard GL policy. We will help you design a program on either a mono-line or combined basis to protect your client. Programs available include coverage for fixed facilities and the service industry. Coverage may include both known and unknown pollution conditions. Please contact us with any risk that may have an environmental exposure.

Site Pollution

Protecting the ground beneath our feet.

The coverage protects a premises against environmental and pollution exposures such as groundwater contamination from waste, air pollution from smoke or soot, and the like. Site Pollution coverage (also known as Environmental Impairment Liability or EIL coverage) has become more and more prevalent over the last several years, helping insureds save their properties and businesses from catastrophic environmental hazards. This is an important coverage that should not be overlooked, especially for property owners.

Submission Requirements

  • Site Pollution/Environmental Impairment Liability application
  • 5-year Loss Runs
  • Any additional information or narratives about the account are always helpful


  • Primary or Excess available
  • Coverage for losses from unknown pollution conditions
  • Onsite and offsite cleanup costs
  • Coverage for bodily injury claims, property damage, or defense
  • Coverage for sudden or gradual events
  • Discovery trigger for pollution conditions

Target Classes

  • Property owners
  • Property investors
  • Real estate investment trusts

Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL)

Whether it’s mold, asbestos, leaked fuel or other pollutants, this invaluable coverage is available for contractors of all sorts…owners too!

EVERY contractor has pollution exposure in varying degrees and can be held accountable for pollution conditions they cause (such as dust, contaminated water, etc.). Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL) coverage protects against pollution liability and losses, even on projects completed by subcontractors. We can help decide which policy is best for your insured – call us to make sure your clients are covered.

Submission Requirements

  • Contractors Pollution Liability application
  • 5-year Loss Runs – details on losses & current status
  • Any additional information or narratives about the account are always helpful


  • Claims Made or Occurrence form
  • Stand-alone CPL or package with GL coverage available
  • Multiyear policy terms for project-specific cases
  • Owner or Contractor controlled
  • Primary or Excess

Target Classes

  • General contractors & artisans
  • Environmental contractors
  • Painters/Painting contractors
  • Excavation operations
  • HVAC contractors
  • Drilling contractors
  • Demolition contractors

Storage Tanks

Whether above ground or below, we can help with your insured’s pollution exposure for their storage tanks.

Both above ground storage tanks (ASTs) and underground storage tanks (USTs) are going to fail and leak at some point. A storage tank policy protects against pollution claims and clean-up costs, and can tailored to meet specific needs. Consult with our staff to help evaluate your insureds’ exposure and find a market that gives them the best solution.

Submission Requirements

  • Storage Tank application
  • Tank Read Out slip/latest tightness test results
  • 5-year Loss Runs


  • Coverage for unknown pre-existing conditions
  • Onsite and offsite clean-up costs, bodily injury, property damage & defense
  • Coverage for loading & unloading
  • Can be used to meet financial responsibility requirements

Target Classes

  • Gas stations
  • Commercial businesses with liquid propane filling stations
  • Gasoline & fuel storage centers
  • Private facilities


Protection from unforeseen spills and accidents.

Our commercial industries move everything from hazardous chemical waste to milk and dairy products, and when it spills, we need to clean it up. Transportation Pollution Liability (TPL) policies cover costs and injury from accidental pollution from a scheduled vehicle. This coverage is a must for any company in the business of moving waste, trash, gas, or liquids.

Submission Requirements

  • Transportation Pollution application
  • Vehicle Schedule
  • 5-year Loss Runs for Business Auto & any current TPL policies insured has had
  • Copies of Material Safety Data Sheets on hazardous materials hauled
  • MVRs on all drivers
  • Size of tanks for fuel cargo for fuel/oil haulers


  • Competitive deductibles and policy language
  • Not a replacement for Auto Liability – only covers pollution
  • Replacement equipment & rental reimbursement

Target Classes

  • Hazardous waste haulers
  • Milk and dairy transporters
  • Oil & fuel dealers
  • Trash haulers – Roll-off dumpsters OK